~~ What's this all about? ~~

How do I know this will work for me? I'm not very good at accounting or computers.
 If you are a BeautiControl consultant, NutShell will work for you. You will find many ways that NutShell can help you.

Whether you are in need of managing your inventory or just want to keep better track of your clients, NutShell will simplify your work. It will also help you manage your income and expenses as well as print professional receipts and reports.

NutShell was designed to be easy enough to use for even the most "computer illiterate". And no accounting knowledge is required!
Do you have to be online to use NutShell or will I install it on my own computer?
 You will install NutShell on your own home or office computer so you know that all of your information is safe.

Do you think your customers would like having their credit card information contained in a program that is accessible online?

NutShell gives you the security of being installed on your own computer while still offering the convenience of the web. You can email an invoice to a client or send a message to all of your clients at once using NutShell's email capabilities.
What are the system requirements?
 NutShell runs on any version of Windows. You can run it on a desktop, laptop or Windows tablet.

You can run NutShell on a Mac by installing Windows on the Mac, using a program called Parallels. Many consultants happily run NutShell this way.
Is there an annual fee? How much, what is it for?
 Once you purchase NutShell, it is yours forever. You will never be asked to pay for the program again.

The one thing you may find yourself not able to do without is the “Inventory Updates”. When you sign up for this service, you will be able to download the most current products and prices into your NutShell program each month. This keeps you from having to enter product information by hand each time BeautiControl comes out with something new; we do all of the work so you don't have to.

The cost of Inventory Updates is $49 and the subscription is good for an entire year. Remember, for each paid referral, you get three free months of updates. You can even gift your bonus updates to sister consultants.
What does NutShell do and how does it compare with Quicken or QuickBooks?
 Much like these programs, NutShell will help you keep track of your products as well as information about your clients and fellow consultants.

Possibly, the most motivating reason to purchase a software program such as Quicken or QuickBooks is to have organized Income and Expense information for tax purposes. NutShell does all of this; at the end of the year, you just print two reports to give to your tax person and you're done.

NutShell is designed specifically for BeautiControl Consultants. This means that you don't have to have a degree in finance to set the program up. Everything is already laid out just as you will need it. Additionally, unlike with QuickBooks, when you use NutShell you will be able to automatically update your program each month with the most current products and prices.
Is there a way I can get some help or have someone walk me through the program?
 We are always willing to help our clients with installation of the program. And we offer “Hands-On Training”.

This means that we can walk you through the parts of the program that you have questions about, all from the comfort of your own home or office. Do you want some assistance getting started or would you like to be SHOWN the answers to your questions?

We can do this and much more. If you learn by “Seeing” and “Doing” or just don't want to read the instruction manual, then Hands-On Training is for you.
How do I get started?
 The best way to get started is to download a free 30-day NutShell trial.

If you like it, we will provide you with an "unlock" code when you purchase. The unlock code will change the trial to your very own copy of the program. The benefit of the code is that it allows all of your information to stay intact. You will be able to keep all the info you entered during the trial period.

There is no obligation to buy and you have nothing to lose when you try NutShell for free.

Click here to download your FREE 30-day trial of Beauty in a NutShell.