~ NutShell Easy Connections Edition Upgrade ~


This software upgrade is for you if:

  • You've worked with a lot of clients, but few of them place reorders with you (in fact, you can't get them to respond to you at all)

  • All your clients run together in your head. You can't remember where you met them and you don't like being at a loss about them

  • You know followup is important, but you can't manage to get control of it. You feel like you're always behind; you feel guilty for taking time off

Once you get more than a handful of clients, the job of following up becomes enormous. The new features in NutShell were designed to simplify it all.

Every day, you will be presented with just what you need to do that day. You'll have your thumb on the pulse of each client and will be able to offer her exactly the products and services that she needs.

She'll be thanking you for taking such good care of her, and your biz will be more fun, too!

When you purchase this new version of NutShell - the Easy Connections Edition, you get bonuses!

Bonus #1 - You'll receive all additional enhancements that are added to the software this year!

Bonus #2 - You'll also receive training videos, taking you step by step through each of the new features, so you'll understand everything. They're very easy to understand and you're reorder biz will start to grow as soon as you get started!

Bonus #3 - There will be a live Q&A call in which you'll be able to get all your questions answered. This type of call is espceially valuable because you'll learn from the questions of the other attendees, as well. If you are shy or can't attend the call live, you can submit your question ahead of time and I'll make sure you get your answer.

The price for the upgrade is $99.95 and includes all the bonuses listed above

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